Our Services

In-house Development and Contract Programming

We normally do development in-house but we can work on your site if you require it.
We can offer flexible terms and competitive rates:

  • by the hour
  • by the day
  • by the week
  • by the month

Phone to discuss your requirements.

New PC Projects

For new designs we would use Microsoft C#.net or VB.net
This would normally be done using the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio. However, we can support earlier versions as far back as VS 2010.

Support for Visual Basic 6 (VB6) Legacy Code

With an extensive history of VB6 development, we can offer the following services:

  • Upgrading VB6 programs to VB.net or C#.net
  • Maintaining existing VB6 applications

Support for C programs

We still support code written in the 80s and 90s written in Microsoft ‘C’.

In General

For low level interfaces to instrumentation, we are conversant with:

  • Ethernet
  • IEEE488 Bus
  • Serial Coms RS232 and RS485

For customers making large systems that take a considerable time to build and are then only be available for testing a short time before shipping, we make extensive use of ‘simulation’ for proving the program before installation. This will incorporate as much of the real code as possible with just the front end plant data replaced by simulated data from a look-up table or database. Simple screens to allow manual testing of control responses can also be added. In this way all the communications and most of the functionality can be verified in advance of formal testing on the plant.

QA information is embedded within all our code and we can tailor this to suit your own QA requirements. Our in-house tools can extract this information into a convenient spreadsheet format for inclusion into your own QA system.